Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Fabric Patterns ~ Alice - digital illustration

These past two weeks have been incredibly busy work wise, which of course is not something I would dare complain about! But I've had to put my personal work aside for this week to try and finish a couple contract pieces.  This is one project that I was working on, but it didn't end up happening, SO I am going to go ahead and use these fabric patterns for myself.  This one was inspired by Alice from Alice in Wonderland, maybe I will make a series of fabrics to go with this one, some that get a little crazier once she goes down the rabbit hole. Below are fabrics that are meant to complement the one above (the actual theme was cherry tree).

When I do fabrics for a client, I like to show them the pattern as a block (not repeated) and then how it would look repeated on a large piece of fabric. I also invert the colours to let them see what might work best for their needs.  In this case the client had wanted the fabric to be red and white. 

And finally to accompany the jacket that this pattern would have been a lining for, there was a bag, which they wanted to be plaid. So I came up with a couple plaids that would go with these (colour wise). 

You can see how fun my job is :) I love coming up with fabric designs!



Antoana said...

I love! I never knew exactly how the fabric patterns are being done (formats and such) but always wanted to do some for peronal use of to share some insights when can be next month, I don't mind! :) Lovely Celeste, really! xo

Celeste said...

we will chat about it Antoana, it's addictive though, something about making patterns that relaxes me! Can't seem to get enough!