Saturday, December 31, 2011

January 2012 calendar page - Digital

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you all for a wonderful 2011, I am really excited for 2012 and a couple things I have planned for Echo as well as other project. Since it's all you Echo fans keeping me motivated I decided to make another monthly Echo freebie this year. At the start of every month I will upload this 5" x 7" high resolution calendar page.  (to download click this here) Great for framing on your desk.  at the bottom of each page will be a little sketchbook doodle. These doodles will tell a little story so be sure to follow each month! Also, if you have a dry erase marker you can cross out or circle important dates on the glass of the picture frame.  Enjoy, and thank you all again! 


Monday, December 12, 2011

Downy Woodpecker - pencil sketch
I had so much fun with the chickadee, that I decided to do another one. This is a downy woodpecker, with a lumberjack vest.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Chickadee -pencil
Just a quick doodle while I was waiting for some feedback on other projects, but I quite like this little guy! 

Free Downloadable Christmas tags - paper, pencil, digital

I already  made a post about these tags, but now I am making a nicer one because I am also posting the link onto Tidy Mom's website . See this post there as well some some other treats from other creative people!  These are made to look like old letterpress gift tags. For best results print on a card stock. I've also pasted a red cardstock to the back to make it look nice, as well as a ribbon for tying it onto a package! These are free, click this link to save a 8"x11" version to your desktop. Enjoy and feel free to pass it along! 

Merry Christmas!

Tidy Mom

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Free Printable Christmas labels - digital and pencil

I took a break from work stuff to make these Christmas labels. I wanted to play with texture and try to imitate the feel of a letterpress (which I love, but is expensive to do!) on the computer.  And now I am sharing with you! So if you need some Christmas labels feel free to use these! Just print them up and voila!
Merry Christmas!

 Céleste xo

With the new blogger format, just click on the image, it will appear larger on a black screen, just right click and view image then you can save it to your desktop. It's a page that is layed out to print on an 8.5" x 11" paper.