Sunday, November 25, 2012

Printable Christmas/Holiday Labels - pencil, photo

Hi everyone! As requested on my Facebook poll here are some holiday gift tags for you to print and download! I had a lot of fun making these, hopefully you will have a lot of fun using them! Feel free to share the link, everyone likes free stuff during Christmas time! 

To Download printable page click here! Please remember all illustrations are copyright and the property of Celeste Gagnon Illustrations.  These are for your personal use only. 

Print on matte card stock for best results, cut out and hole punch, then use a ribbon for an old fashion feel!  

Want to see previous years labels? They are still there for downloading! (again for personal use only please!) :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Grey Wolf

The Polar Bear
The Snowy Owl

The Chickadee
The Caribou

 available as 5" x 5" prints...
 ... and 9"x 9" prints

Canadian Wildlife Winter series - pencil sketches

These past few weeks I have been working by hand, which is something I haven't done in a very long time.  Since the kids were born I found working on the computer easier and more convenient (since they can't get into anything!).  But I've missed working with traditional tools, this one being the most basic, then pencil :) It's made me very happy and given me something new to show you!

I am selling these as prints on my Etsy store.  I am also in the process of making fabric versions for you sewers out there. I think they would make fun winter themed throw pillows or shoulder bags. I will keep you all posted on the fabric versions. 

I might also use them in a freebie download of Christmas and Holiday gift tags for this site later this month...

(All prints are on Hahnemuhle fine art Inkjet paper.  It's made with bamboo and cotton, is a warm white, archival grade acid free paper. Because it is bamboo paper it is also made out of a renewable resource so earth friendly too!
Prints fit the RIBBA frames at Ikea, for under 10$.)

Check out the store here :) 

Celeste xo

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

New Dolls!

This is the other project I worked on with Maplelea this past spring and summer.  They've come out with an entire selection of high quality Canadian dolls that you can pick from.  These dolls don't come with ready made stories, but do come with a journal (just like the other girls) where you can create her story, as well as a section for your child to fill in about herself! I had the pleasure of doing the illustration work for the clothing (shirt and shoes) as well as all the art and design work in the 148 page journal!

Here are a few examples of the journal pages that come with the dolls...

As well as the other dolls you can choose from! (images from

To order these dolls or see what other items please check out the Maplelea website

Saturday, November 03, 2012

 New Maplelea Girl items!

This past summer I've been working a lot on new merchandise with the fine people at Maplelea! These hard working women come up with cool fashions for these dolls, and the quality of the clothing is terrific! I wish many of the outfits came in sizes for my kids (and the above outfit for myself!)
 This one does come in kids sizes! So there is a matching pj for the doll and the child :D

In all these items I did the illustration work, the patterns and the journal pages that come with each product. My job is so much fun ;) 

Each clothing item comes with journal pages with information on Canada, or the province the doll comes from.

Where to purchase these items:

Strong and Free
Kaleidoscope PJs for doll  for child
Brilliant Bedding
Night Owl Nightwear
Ice Cap Backpack Set
Clam Digger
Green Team

Photos of the dolls are from the Maplelea catalogue and are the property of Maplelea.  To order a catalogue of all their items visit their site here!

Halloween Treats - baked goods

Halloween is always fun with little ones. Now mine are old enough to be having Halloween parties! So I had to put my baking hat on and make some cookies for the kiddos.  For those who know me, I've been forced to get in touch with my domestic side since I've had kids ;) Not doing too badly for someone who never fit this definition (just don't look at my laundry room!). 

These cookies were actually a lot of fun. Once they were baked I just thought of them as tiny artworks instead of cookies and had a blast! The kids loved them too ;)