Friday, December 09, 2011

Free Downloadable Christmas tags - paper, pencil, digital

I already  made a post about these tags, but now I am making a nicer one because I am also posting the link onto Tidy Mom's website . See this post there as well some some other treats from other creative people!  These are made to look like old letterpress gift tags. For best results print on a card stock. I've also pasted a red cardstock to the back to make it look nice, as well as a ribbon for tying it onto a package! These are free, click this link to save a 8"x11" version to your desktop. Enjoy and feel free to pass it along! 

Merry Christmas!

Tidy Mom


Unknown said...

Wow these look fantastic Celeste. Great job.

Laurie A. Conley said...

I love the illustrations and design of these, the colors you used and the font! You did a great job on them.