Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Animation Job - digital illustration

Back in December I had the opportunity to work on something new. I was hired to design and illustrate characters and background by Untold Entertainment. They were doing a hunting game for Newfoundland and Labrador.  Now, you have to understand I don't agree with sport hunting... in fact, I do so much work for WWF Canada, and other environmental organizations that I almost didn't take this job. BUT the concept of the game was actually a little funny. The animals fight back (and when I tried it, always win, but then again, I am not the greatest gamer there is....).  It was also my first chance at doing any kind of animation work. So an experience I didn't want to pass up.  

The technical aspects of the job were interesting, making puppets out of my illustrations.  Working with Untold Entertainment was also a pleasure.  The characters were also fun, because as you can see, they are not my usual style.  It was nice to break out of what I always do and try something a little different. I am pretty proud of how these worked out, looking forward to seeing the game online!
Below are the rest of the characters I worked on.  All artwork belongs to Untold Entertainment. 

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