Friday, March 23, 2012

Sketchbook Friday Elliott and the Octopus - pencil sketch

So part of my new plan, is to do more blog posts. I have plan to post 3 days a week and Friday's are going to be called Sketchbook Fridays (catchy non?). 

The idea here is that I share with you something unfinished, from my sketchbook. Sometimes they are roughs or doodles that will one day be finished art, and sometimes they are just little drawings I do to amuse myself (like this one).  Ask any artist/illustrator and they will tell you, for every 1 drawing that sees the light of day, there are probably 20 that don't. 

I hope you enjoy these, most of them are just me reminding myself why I love to draw. No rules or restrictions, no deadlines, doodling while waiting in line for something or appointments, or just while watching tv.


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