Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Echo's Earth Hour activity ~ Beeswax candles! - digital illustration

Hello everyone! As I am sure you know I am big into the environmental stuff, so of course in our home we participate in Earth Hour every year, and try to do our part the rest of the year as well. We treat Earth Hour as a sort of fun family time. Playing cards, or board games by candle light, telling each other silly stories etc.  This year the kids and I are making beeswax candles (an environmentally friendly candle!) to use during our hour without electricity.

Here is a fun instruction sheet on how to make beeswax candles starring Echo, Poe and Mousie, it's the perfect activity for kids!

click this link for printable version. 


Dffinley said...

You learn something new everyday. :) Great characterization on these.

Celeste said...

Thanks David :)