Monday, November 22, 2010

Thimble Cookies by Echo - digital illustration

Here it is! Another recipe featuring Echo. I will be submitting this one to They Draw and Cook come December.  Happy cooking!


Anonymous said...

Once again, you've struck a "fill-in-a-sports-related-analogy-here"! I really think that you should start to broaden Echo's Paw-Prints in the Kitchen because I can actually see myself gravitating towards a cook-book like this; one that I could give to a child who still needs supervising in the kitchen, but is capable of following instructions, especially when they're guided by such an adorable "Chef". Maybe it's just the boo-hiss grown-up in me, but I would love to see Echo tackle some veggies and whole grains as well {it would add to my arsenal: "Look, if Echo will try the red pepper, than so can you!"}. I am thoroughly enchanted with the way you have managed to capture the impish spirit of your fickle feline and what a legacy, to be able to share her quirks and quibbles with everyone. Keep up the great job; and btw, I adore the colours that you've used here. The turquoise, red and yellow pop so nicely against the background {and the actual paw-prints...touch of genius!}.


Unknown said...

Very cute. Look at that! You already have 4 pages to a book now. Great work Celeste.

Céleste Gagnon said...

true Eric! I think I might have to continue! And Andrea, I will give something healthy a try!