Monday, November 22, 2010

Maplelea Girls - clothing design/illustration

I got a wonderful treat in the mail today, well courier (which is even better, makes me feel special!) Some samples of product I've been working on with Avonlea Traditions.  I did the illustration work, and embroidery and pattern designs. These clothing and accessories are for the Maplelea Girls. These incredibly detailed dolls. The clothing is nice enough for real children (nicer even in some cases!) and each item comes with journal pages full of info on Canadian history, traditions or geography, which you add to a binder like journal. Really a wonderful concept, and terrific quality. I am excited to be able to be a part of it! Check out the website for purchases and orders. Great idea for Christmas presents!

Can't wait to show you more projects I've worked on, but it has to wait until the items are for sale ;)


Unknown said...

Fantastic bag of loot. Nice that you can see, touch and use your work in it's final prodcut. Cheers!

Anonymous said...


These are gorgeous! What a wonderful way for you to see your hard work and imagination turned loose upon children everywhere. The details are magnificent; the twee boots alone are mind-boggling. I recognize the horsey print and the Pizza-Party veggies are too cute for words. Did you use Amelie's pink guitar for the idea behind the bedding? I am so proud of you; you have aligned your artistic vision with a company and a product that anyone can see is of the highest quality. And a loot bag in the mail? Awesome!

Love and Thanks For the Idea {I can think of at least one little girl who would go gaga for these dolls....and to be honest, if I could think of a good excuse, I'd probably get one for me too!},


Anonymous said...

I am seriously impressed.
I didn't realize you were into fashion design as well.


Lisa Young said...

Wow! Beautiful! Taylor has asked for a Maple Lea doll from Santa! She will be thrilled to know that you design clothes for them!

Anonymous said...

Your designs are so awesome! You're so good at this!