Thursday, December 06, 2012

Spoonflower Winter Animals - fabric

I got my winter animal series done as throw pillows... and have the fabric available for sale on my spoonflower site, for those of you who sew :)

I envision these as the fronts with some fun geometric patterned back fabric, or maybe faux fur (in fun colours, maybe light blue for the polar bear?) I still have to sew mine (this one is just pinned to another pillow for the photo).  For those of you who know me, I am trying very hard to learn to sew, but it's a work in progress, eventually these will be my throw pillows!

They would also work well as shoulder bags as reusable shopping bags. They measure 16" x 16" (I chose this size because it's easy to find pillow inserts to fit this size (Walmart and Ikea both have them). 

Here are some close ups of a couple of the fabrics, I got these printed on Linen-Cotton Canvas. The print job and detail are terrific, I also love the texture of this fabric, something very natural feeling about these.

 Here's the spoonflower link again if you are interested! Feel free to send me pics of your sewing jobs too, I always love to see what you guys do with my fabrics!


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