Friday, January 27, 2012

Amélie reading - digital

Amélie has been reading a lot lately, she is 5 years old and is learning quickly. It's so much fun to watch her, and listen to her read. She LOVES books, always has and now she is experiencing the wonder of reading for herself.  I watched the movie The Neverending Story with her yesterday. She loved it so much. I told her that the book was 100 times better. Of course she ran up to my room to get the book out of my library and tried to read it. It's a big novel, not really in her range just yet. But I am now reading it to her.  The idea of children reading, and becoming part of the story is magical, it's what I love about books, and it's what I hope my little ones will also love. So here's to reading! (and to my favorite YA book of all time The Neverending story by Michael Ende if you haven't read it before, here you go, buy it, you won't regret it!)  Click image for a larger view!


Isabelle said...

It is so nice that she already have the passion for reading!! I was, too, very happy to see that our boy had a real interest and curiosity for reading... at a very early age!... at age 3 he was asking us to point (finger point) each word we were reading to him, so he memorized it all!! hehe

When he entered kinder garden he was able to read books very well. It's rare, but it does happen, and it really proves that curiosity is the key in learning. :)) Love your illustration, I so enjoy seeing kids have passion for books!!

Celeste said...

Thanks Isabelle, you are right, it's SO very nice to see children with a passion for books. I love books, and am doing my best to pass that love onto the kids. Elliott my 2.5 year old makes me point to words and he repeats the words after I read them, but for him I think he just wants to be able to do whatever his older sister can do. But they do get excited about story time at our house.

Thank you for your kind comment and your story about your child, it's nice to know that others are just as passionate and passing along the love of books!


Rocio said...

You capture the child's interest...Supper!

Ele said...

Once again, so talented.