Thursday, October 27, 2011

Custom Shoes - acrylic paint on shoes
Here is something I did over the summer, my aunt was visiting and wanted me to paint on a pair of runners for her.  It's not something I had ever done before, and I was nervous because they were brand new shoes and I didn't want to ruin them! But it all turned out nicely I think and it was pretty fun! I used acrylic paint so it wouldn't wash off in a puddle. I think I like the idea of painting on my shoes, and maybe this spring I will come up with a custom pair for myself!


ALL IN ALL said...

It looks absolutely amazing. I love it. I had a pair of white flats I got from ALDO and I drew on them with a black sharpie (only think I thought would work well) and they turned out great. I think I'll try your idea of acrylic paint. Yours look better than mine - love them!!!

Celeste said...

Sharpie would work well! Thanks, I used a pastel or chalk on the fabric originally so I could brush it away after painting, but not have to paint right away, in case of mistakes! Good luck!