Friday, July 29, 2011

 They Draw and Cook, THE BOOK - book

I have not yet done a post about this, but I have spread the word around.  The website They Draw and Cook has come out with a printed book of over 100 illustrated recipes. They are all illustrated by different artist, and it looks INCREDIBLE! I am very lucky to be among these talented people. The book is available for pre-order over at Amazon. And you can also take a peek inside! I think this book is a must in anyone's kitchen who loves to cook, or just look at a terrific variety of art! Also lots of fun and easy to follow if you have kids that like to cook with you!


Unknown said...

I was just thinking about buying this book - I didn't know that you were a part of it. That's so exciting - can't wait!

Celeste said...

thanks Nicole! There is a lot of super talent in this book, I am excited to have it in my hand!