Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fairy Tale Fabric Prints - fabric
Click on image for a larger view!

Here are some new fabric prints that will be going into my Spoonflower store (next week).  They are inspired by my kids and what they like right now. I have a few character ones, but also a few simpler ones, perfect for a themed quilt or other sewing project!

The blue castle print has been entered into the Project Selvage contest, fingers crossed! 

I will let you all know when they are in the store, and again, if you make something with them (since I sadly still don't know how to sew) let me know and I can post some photos of your handywork! (with permission of course!)

Céleste xo


Percy The Black Cat said...

What??? more fabric? Do you think the bank will give me a loan so I can get a couple yards of ALL the fabrics?? Nah I didn't think so.

Can I sell you an orange cat? He doesn't match the other two black cats. ;)

It looks completely awesome, and I love it all. I will get them and the Echo fabrics. I'll probably make a quilt....

cathie :)

Céleste Gagnon said...

ha ha, Cathie, you are too funny :) I will probably be doing a couple more Echo ones in a little bit, not too soon though, I will let you pay off some debt first ;)

I love orange cats, but my hands are full with my furry kids and two human ones!

Thanks again for the encouragement, you're the best! oh and I LOVE you little cat mouth icon :)

Morena said...

I love the dragon pattern!

Unknown said...

Great job on these patterns. I like them all! The dragons especially.