Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hedwig - acrylic paint and paper

Pigwidgeon - acrylic paint and paper

I wanted to a Harry Potter -esk theme in my baby boy's room, but wanted to make it younger, more appropriate for a small child ... I just love the colours and characters in the movies. So I have the owls going up on his wall, and am working on a long red train to go into his room as well. My very talented sister made some curtains to follow this theme.


Eric Z said...

Hey those turned out great they look good up on the wall too!

Anonymous said...

I just rented the latest movie, and was underwhelmed {it just didn't meld with the previous ones for me} but it spurred me on to re-read the series and I was just blown away by how much I geniunely love the characters and the spirit of those books. And you have managed to capture those feelings in your paintings. I heart the twee Pigwidgeon the most. Your interpretations are softer, rounder and infinitely more kid-friendly but you have maintained the essence and the intergrity. I love the patterns within the pictures { I meant to mention that before, when you used that green paper for the partridge in the pear tree piece}. Banner job all round!

Andrea xoxo

P.s. Your sister's drapes rock! I was immediately reminded of the scenes when they play Quidditch. Also reminded that I think I rock when I re-attach a loose button. *grins*

Celeste said...

ha ha, thanks guys, Andrea thanks, I was trying to make them more kid friendly while keeping the personalities showing. I love the Harry Potter series too, but it's probably a little old for a 7 month old :) this is my cheat!